Running & Cross-Training

Running is by far the most cost effective way of losing the extra pounds while at the same time building your cardio, endurance and strength. Running can also be done in groups so that your workouts aren’t boring and it allows you to keep your mind off the workout and enjoy spending time with a friend or family member.

10 Benefits Of Running

If you are a runner, you know that running has changed your life. It’s not just an activity or exercise, it’s a way of life. While the benefits are numerous, that doesn’t mean running has changed everything. We are still human after all.

  1. Overall mental health
  2. Strengthens your lungs
  3. Helps prevent high blood pressure
  4. Strengthens immune system
  5. Weight control
  6. Physically strengthen legs
  7. Relieves stress
  8. Increased bone density
  9. Increased joint strength and stability
  10. Increased confidence