docBlakeFitness Pump & Shred

Pump & Shred uses a high intensity interval training (HiiT) concept for strength and cardio training. Recently, fitness professionals voted HiiT one of the top fitness trends for 2020 in a survey by the American College of Sports Medicine. Various interval-based workouts are now popping up seemingly everywhere, however Pump & Shred (P&S) was developed by John Blake 10-12 years ago. He says that P&S is more apply defined as sustained intensity interval training (SiiT).

Sustained intensity interval training operates as an HiiT program from set-to-set, exercise-to-exercise, but its list of workouts are typically longer than 20-30 minutes per most HiiT programs. The fat shredding benefits are prolonged for hours after these workouts. Pump & Shred workouts demand that you complete each set of an exercise, then quickly move to additional exercises within the super/giant sets. There are usually 4-5 super sets in a workout. The longest periods of rest in these workouts are while setting up for the next super/giant set. Workouts usually last for 45-90 minutes.

The Benefits of HiiT (and SiiT) are Numerous / Here are 7:

  1. Increased Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption or EPOC
  2. Altered body composition
  3. Increased aerobic capacity
  4. HiiT is beneficial for the endurance athlete
  5. Great for your heart
  6. Perfect for a busy schedule
  7. You’re more likely to stick with it

Sample Pump & Shred (Shoulders 3-5 sets/8-20 reps 60+ min. session)

  • Warm up and stretch (entire shoulder area w/bands, pull-ups, push-ups, etc.)
  • Shoulder press / Arnold press (alternate: EZ bar curls w/press)
  • Dumbbell front, side (leaning), rear flies / steering wheel w/plate
  • Trap/Delt shrugs / partial upright rows / Scapula/Trap squeeze (retraction)
  • Rear delts: bent-knee rows (barbell or single arm dbs) / Face pulls w/rope cable / machine flies
  • Six-Way flies/presses w/dumbbells for a Finale’ 1-set burn to failure
  • Cardio and Abs conditioning

Access numerous Pump & Shred workouts at BodySpace/johneblake