My name is Elizabeth and when I started Team Beach Body Program I weighed in at 175lb. My height was 5’2. My cholesterol was elevated and had high blood pressure. Since I had participated in this program, I realized. It is just changing your Routines… I had learned a lot of helpful tips through my Team Beach Body Coach.

My coach helped with my nutrition and my Fitness to get the best balance of achieving the goals I had set out to achieve. My coach helped me understand the “Why’s” of nutrition & fitness balance. I learned how Raw and Natural foods, consumed will make your body react to the goals you set.

The Fitness side was easier. My coached helped with a fitness plan to help with my goal areas. If I got bored with an exercise regime, my coach would motivate me in different type/style. He was truly helpful and informative. He knows his stuff.

End Results

I lost 27lbs (The right way) in less than 70days. I was dedicated and did what my coached asked. It was Fun. It was Educational. Posting Daily helped me stay accountable, which is KEY in my weight loss/healthy living Results. LOVE MY RESULTS!! Thanks Coach.

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