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Pump & Shred “Heavy Abs Training”
Personal training and coaching is hands-on
Pump & Shred “Heavy ABS Assault” workouts
Pre-MFT28 pose via home fitness
COVID19 Home Fitness progress & plans
Post MFT28 Demolition Abs workout
Pump & Shred program leaning gains 2020
For great abs: diet + heavy reps
Push weight and reps for leg gains.
Current Boot Camp progress collage
Total Body Partner set/spots
Total body dumbbell program (request)
5 Day Cardio /Carb Cycling Diet Plan
Pressing forward for lots of gains in 2020
Confidence #gainz #fitnessplan
Who’s got next?
Shakeology┬« “Healthiest meal of the day”
Are you using a long bar for biceps?
Bigger, leaner, and more vascular arms?
Are bodybuilders likely to be victims of body dysmorphia?
Which is your favorite rear deltoid exercise?
Iso-lifts #chestday #cardio + tight #whole30diet
Focused contractions #gains #shredding
Multi-set/exercises for compound groups
Renegrade rows via 30 minute #hiitworkout
LEG DAYS “lifting” post shoulder rehab
New goal accountability #fitlifestyle
Under a long bar #benchpress #squats
Stronger Together so “Together We Stand”
Summer… won’t be long now ⛱ Ready?
Aesthetic physique training ‍Spring-Summer