How To train (prepare) For A 10K Race

How To train (prepare) For A 10K Race

The 10K (6.2 miles) distance is very popular with beginner runners, especially those who have done a 5K race, but don’t feel they’re quite ready to take on the half-marathon. Below is an eight-week training schedule to help get you to the finish line. It assumes that you can already run at least 2 miles. If you haven’t had a recent physical, visit your doctor, don’t forget to warm up before your runs, and finish your runs with a cool down and stretching.

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The Truth about Getting Abs That Pop

Genetics and/or an innately high metabolism give a person a pre-disposed advantage towards developing a sexy and desirable six/eight-pack of abs. However, there’s generally one thing that separates those who have good looking abs and those who don’t: a good diet. Most people eat too much to ever uncover a six-pack. The nutritional side of things is covered in other article (ie. Metabolic changes… and Basics/Fundamentals for getting shredded)

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