Rules & Guidelines for Fitness Boot Camp Challenges

When you commit 100%, you WILL achieve your goals! I will be coaching you through this journey and have lots of results, experience and knowledge to get you through with success. I’m here to support you on the challenging days and celebrate with you on the good days! Honesty is paramount here and to support that honesty, this is a CONFIDENTIAL ZONE. Everything said here stays here. So say what you have to say. It’s safe!

The 2014 boot camp challenge groups are for those wanting weekly accountability from fellow boot campers and friends of Doc Blake’s More Than Gold Fitness & Sportsreach who are starting a new fitness program and/or for past boot campers engaging a shorter fitness challenge to get coaching tips, workout options, and motivation to sustain their fitness progress.

Boot Camp Challenge Rules

There are changes since the 2013 Boot Camps

1) Post a minimum of WEEKLY. You are free to post as often as you desire, but find a consistent day, which you post your workout history and progress for others to see. I will not waste time tagging people! If you want it bad enough, you won’t need to be reminded! If you don’t, 3strikes and you’re out, MEANING YOU WILL BE DELETED OUT OF THE GROUP!

2) Check the More Than Gold Boot Camp page daily. Even though you’re only required to post weekly, there will be a question that I will post early morning on a random day each week. I EXPECT EVERYONE to answer the weekly question… this is designed to help you learn about your teammates and maybe even a little about yourself.   NOTE—Put all COMMENTS that day under the daily question thread. This way, it is much easier for all of us to follow all the answers to the same question. The ONLY exception is when posting you pictures and measurements.

3) ALERT!!! Day 1 pictures and measurements are due within the 1st week of the challenge! No excuses! Pics are then REQUIRED every 30 days, whether you changed or not! So make it a point to change! There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Everyone is in here for the same reason.

4) Follow your Beachbody program EVERY day according to the schedule that comes with the program. Post your progress weekly on the Facebook Boot Camp Challenge page. Posts that say “I did 5 workouts or ran a lot, etc.” are not good posts. NO SLACKING! We assume you want awesome results, therefore we assume you will commit 100% to your program and nutrition!

5) Shakeology (SH or ShakeO – Shakeology is ONLY RECOMMENDED!) Why? Because if you are willing to make the investment in your health you have already shown me you are willing to take the necessary steps to reach your goals! I understand not everyone can purchase Shakeology, which is why it’s not a requirement. However, if you can spend $4 a day on something you DON’T need, then you can afford Shakeology, plain and simple. Shakeology: The Best Meal of the Day.

6) READ all the comments since your last post, even if they have nothing to do with yours.

7) If you need immediate help/answers, start your comment with “411” and I’ll answer it ASAP!

8) Be positive! Positive feedback is contagious and you may be the one that helps your teammate ‘push play’ on a day they really didn’t want to!

Dynamic Fitness Challenge Groups

What determines a great group? The amount of effort YOU put into your team! I conduct these challenge groups for the purpose of giving you motivation, accountability, and coaching tips. If you slack-off, you are not only hurting yourself, but you are hurting your teammates. You are free to comment everyday if you desire, but, I know that’s not always going to be possible or your desire.

However, on the days that you have a couple extra minutes, engage! Support! I may be your coach, but it should be *YOUR* energy that drives this group! I’m here to guide. You are here for personal accountability and encouraging others seeking the same success as you.

Please remember, this is a commitment! Don’t do this if you can’t commit 100% to learning and practicing clean/healthier eating and following your workout program. I expect to see you succeed.


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