It’s only you who deserves the thanks, Doc!

Bobby H.

My name is Elizabeth and when I started Team Beach Body Program I weighed in at 175lb. My height was 5’2. My cholesterol was elevated and had high blood pressure. Since I had participated in this program, I realized. It is just changing your Routines… I had learned a lot of helpful tips through my Team Beach Body Coach.



John Blake is a positive and encouraging fitness coach. His style is both persistent and kind, giving me the necessary boosts I needed to keep going when I felt too tired. What I love about John is that he never asked me to do anything he hasn’t or wouldn’t do himself. John is always available for questions, big or small, and his level of engagement shows his commitment to fitness and to the person he is coaching. I can’t wait to go through another program with him.

Jenna P.

My name is Matthew and I have worked with John Blake to help me to lose weight. John has given me personal attention and answered my questions about nutrition and best work-out practices. One of the ways John has helped me along the journey is to encourage me when I wanted to give up. I have a long way to go, but I am thankful for John Blake’s willingness to join me on this journey. Join his team, work hard and you will begin to see a physical change and a lifestyle change.