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BodySpace changes lives! BodySpace is a revolutionary social fitness platform. It’s the best personal trainer combined with the world’s largest online fitness community. It’s a complete system of innovative workout tools, cutting-edge trackers, fresh content, and social features designed to help you become your best self. The best fitness app, BodySpace is the bridge between dream and do. It’s your ongoing transformation station.

Personal Training Programs

Pick a training program that is perfect for you:

  • Choose from one of dozens of BodySpace programs built by PhD’s, Professional Trainers and Athletes such as Jim Stoppani, Kris Gethin, Jamie Eason, Ashley Conrad, Lee Labrada and many more.
  • Choose from one of our thousands of top rated Community built programs.
  • Choose the program that is perfect for you based on your goal, experience level, gender, age, duration or number of workouts per week.
  • Apply the training program to your BodyCalendar and get a daily to-do list with reminders.

Choose The Perfect Workout

Not ready for a full training program? No problem…start by simply finding the perfect workout:

  • Choose from thousands of workouts created by BodySpace and our Community.
  • Locate your workout by goal, experience level, gender, age, duration, cardio and muscles targeted.

Choose Exercise Variations

Explore the thousands of exercises in BodySpace:

  • Find the perfect exercise based on exercise type, muscle group and equipment.
  • Watch the instructional video or read through the step-by-step instructions.
  • Sort the exercises by our Community ratings.

Track Your Fitness

Track all your fitness activities:

  • Track all the details of your workouts with exercise tips, videos, previous stats, rest-timers and more.
  • Watch as your workout stats (weight lifted and cardio times) hit millions of pounds and hundreds of hours.
Fitness Supplements

Ready to add supplements to your transformation?

  • Shop’s massive selection of top brands directly from BodySpace.
Get Expert Advice

Looking for others to help you meet your health and fitness goals?

  • Ability to manage your BodySpace friends & followers.
  • BodySpace news feeds from your friends & followers.

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